Permanent Magnets

• Neodymium Iron Boron, NdFeB, Neo Magnets
• Alnico Magnets
• Samarium Cobalt, SmCo Magnets
• Ferrite, Ceramic Magnets

permanent magnets


Magnetic Assemblies

magnetic assemblies

We produce a wide range of magnetic assemblies using sintered and bonded magnets:

• Hermetically encased in stainless steel housings

• Held onto alloy hubs with Inconel sleeves

• Molded or press-fit onto steel shafts

• Insert-molded or over-molded onto various polymers and metals


Sensor Magnets

sensor magnets

We carry a large and diverse line of magnets specifically designed for use with sensors made by ams, iC-Haus and others. These magnets are always in stock at one of our US facilities and can be sent overnight for urgent demand. Please click below link for stock, drawings, cross-references and other technical information:


Rotors & Stators

rotors stators

Our US production lines include PM rotors for electric and hybrid vehicles. Made to tight tolerances, they include rare earth magnets held onto various alloys with Inconel sleeves or adhesives. Our stators are primarily used in autonomous driving systems, DC motors, and PM Generators. One of our most significant industrial advantages are the low tooling costs to produce stators.

Laminated Magnets

laminated magnets

Primarily built for reducing Eddy Currents in motors that result in efficiency losses due to heat generated in the magnetic circuit. Rare earth magnets are glued to each other or onto steel plates with the same polarity across the entire stack.

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