Ferrite C-9B

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BCN - Bonded Compression Neo
BCNF - Bonded Neo Ferrite Hybrid
BIF - Bonded Injection Ferrite
BIN - Bonded Injection Neo
BIS - Bonded Injection SmCo
N - Sintered NdFeB
C - Sintered SrFe2O3 Ferrites
S - Sintered SmCo5, Sm2Co17
A - Cast and Sintered AlNiCo

Ferrite C-9B

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C-9B properties

Max Min
Residual Induction Br G 4,500 4,300
Coercive Force Hc Oe 3,400 3,100
Intrinsic Coercive Force Hci Oe 3,450 3,150
Max. Energy Product (BH)max MGOe 4.8 4.4
Material Density g/cm3 4.8
Max. Operating Temperature C 350
Temperature Coefficient for B %/C -0.20
Temperature Coefficient for H %/C 0.35
Required Magnetizing Force Oe 20,000
Material Composition SrO-6Fe2O3

dotsFerrite magnets, also known as Ceramics, are the most widely used magnetic materials. Made primarily of Strontium and Iron Oxide, they are the least expensive magnets today.

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