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BCN - Bonded Compression Neo
BCNF - Bonded Neo Ferrite Hybrid
BIF - Bonded Injection Ferrite
BIN - Bonded Injection Neo
BIS - Bonded Injection SmCo
N - Sintered NdFeB
C - Sintered SrFe2O3 Ferrites
S - Sintered SmCo5, Sm2Co17
A - Cast and Sintered AlNiCo

NdFeB N-45H

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N-45H properties
    Max Min
Residual Induction Br G 13,700 13,300
Coercive Force Hc Oe   12,200
Intrinsic Coercive Force Hci Oe   17,000
Max. Energy Product (BH)max MGOe 45 42
Material Density Lb/in3 .2673
Max. Operating Temperature C 120
Temperature Coefficient for B -%/C -0.11
Temperature Coefficient for H -%/C -0.62
Required Magnetizing Force Oe 60,000
Material Composition Nd, B, Fe, Dy, Co

dotsNeodymium Iron Boron magnets, also known as Rare Earths or Neo, have the highest energy product of all permanent magnet materials today. In most cases, no tooling charges exist. Various grades are available, depending on maximum operating temps.